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  • For The Recycling Consortium (TRC), which is based in Bristol, in the South West of the UK, the 3R’s are the only way to deal with the waste we produce. TRC promotes ways to reduce, re-use, recycle and compost. By advancing sustainable ways to deal with our waste, TRC believe that we all benefit - as do our planet and our environment.


IRAIN - Two excellent websites to start you on your exploration....

Two excellent websites to start you on your exploration are www.thegwpf.org/ and www.environmentalgraffiti.com and Carl Fulder's The Website of Complementary Medicine (Oxford, 2008). NATURAL HEALING - WHO BENEFITS? You: Safe and simple remedies - when appropriate - will always be kinder to your body than the relative battering rams of drugs and surgery. Though not generally available on the NHS, they are usually cheaper than mainstream medicines. Other people: When your friends see that safe and simple treatments are benefiting you, it will not be long before they are trying them too. Techniques like massage and co-counselling build links between people and help them to see that we can all be healers.

The environment: Natural remedies generally use renewable resources, and safer remedies cause less pollution, both to us and to the environment around the factories where they are produced. They do not involve cruel and unnecessary animal testing.

HELPING YOUR BODY TO HELP ITSELF - THE FACTS: The human body is built to be resilient, to bounce back quickly when it is thrown off balance. Yet stress and pollution have reached the point where we are constantly being bombarded with quantities and combinations of things which our bodies cannot cope with, from lead in the air and aluminium in drinking water to noise and overcrowding.

The Western diseases of cancer and coronary thrombosis have reached epidemic proportions. Yet, to a large extent, they are preventable.

An increasing number of doctors are beginning to acknowledge the links between problems with our immune systems and a wide range of diseases, from arthritis and asthma to cancer and AIDS. Though our bodies are continually dealing very effectively with small indiscretions, we are increasingly tipping the balance into areas where our natural defences can no longer cope. The resulting symptoms - headaches, sneezing, sweating and so on can be suppressed with drugs, but the more these symptoms are ignored, the louder our bodies shout for help. If we continue to ignore the pleas, they will eventually give up the unequal battle. A small but rapidly growing number of people have started to do what they can to help their immune systems to keep them healthy.

This means not putting excessive stress on the system, while building up the body's natural defences. WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE: We need to remind ourselves that nature is the best - if not ultimately the only - healer.

For effective healing we must deal with the causes of ill-health, and not just the symptoms. Given a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment, our bodies know what is necessary for healing to take place. We have to take responsibility for looking after our own bodies, instead of expecting the experts to do it all for us.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Avoid environmental pollutants as far as possible, especially the most obvious ones like exhaust fumes. For instance, if you have a choice, walk through a park rather than along a main road.

Avoid toxic chemicals whenever possible. Eat as healthily as you can: more....

Avoid toxic chemicals whenever possible. Eat as healthily as you can: more fresh food and fewer additives.

Stop or cut down on smoking. Watch your alcohol and c... read more

Doctors must recognise the right of the patient to ask questions, and....

Doctors must recognise the right of the patient to ask questions, and to receive a full and honest reply. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Sort out your medicine c... read more

Other people: The people close to you will understand your treatments better,....

Other people: The people close to you will understand your treatments better, and you theirs. Knowledge will replace worry and helplessness. And understanding drugs and their effects wil... read more