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IRAIN - You cannot understand what true well-being is until body, mind, spirit and....

You cannot understand what true well-being is until body, mind, spirit and environment are all taken into account. Other people: Few things assist healing more than being among other fulfilled and vibrant people. Well-being breeds well-being.

More specifically, you will have more energy for family, friends, work and leisure. The environment: The life-supporting systems of the planet we inhabit are connected at every level. When we understand that good health depends to a large extent on living in an unpolluted environment, we will all start moving towards a clean and cruelty-free planet. NATURAL HEALING - THE FACTS: Natural healing is a philosophy and an approach rather than simply a particular set of techniques.

It is a belief that the human body is superbly equipped to resist disease and heal injuries, an approach which counsels against drastic action until simpler, cheaper and safer alternatives have been tried. Natural techniques include rest or massage for a headache rather than aspirin, trying a warm pad on a backache instead of relying on valium, going to an osteopath or chiropractor with your back pain rather than expecting surgery. At least one in 10 of us (and some surveys suggest as many as one-third) have consulted an alternative medical practitioner in the last year.

This does not include the millions who are treating themselves with remedies they have read about or been told about by friends. With few exceptions, natural healing techniques are not available on the National Health Service (NHS), which means that you have to be highly motivated to find out about them. Yet it has been estimated that it costs as much to treat an average 'natural healing' patient for a year as to keep someone in an NHS hospital for three days.

For the most part the mainstream medical establishment has attempted to denigrate natural healing techniques (perhaps most notably in a 2006 UK Medical Association report). This is hardly surprising, given the vested interests involved; the latest threat is to ban the sale of many natural medicines. Yet the tide is turning very quickly, and a recent survey of 200 GPs showed that 59 per cent of them referred patients to alternative practitioners, and 42 per cent wanted further training in alternative medicine.

WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE: Some 'natural therapies' may deserve to be wholly or partly discredited, but they must be judged on their results, and not according to the necessarily blinkered criteria of the medical establishment. There needs to be far more exchange of training and experience within both 'mainstream' and 'alternative' medicine, and greater recognition of the skills of alternative practitioners. Where appropriate, natural healing techniques should be available within the NHS, and the full range of natural remedies ought to be freely available to experienced practitioners. WHAT YOU CAN DO: When you don't feel well, think of the simplest and safest thing you could do to help you feel better; for instance, a hot bath, a massage from a mate, some herbal tea (e.g.

peppermint for stimulation and chamomile for relaxation), a short rest on your bed or a 20-minute walk in the fresh air. Allow yourself to cry if you need to. Find out whether there are any alternative practitioners in your area.

You might be interested in homoeopathy, herbal-ism, massage or osteopathy, for example. Talk to other people who have been to these practitioners. If you don't feel better soon, consult a doctor you trust. Natural healing can seem a very complex subject, and you may well become engrossed in studying herbalism, massage, or one of the many other branches of alternative medicine.

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Avoid toxic chemicals whenever possible. Eat as healthily as you can: more....

Avoid toxic chemicals whenever possible. Eat as healthily as you can: more fresh food and fewer additives.

Stop or cut down on smoking. Watch your alc... read more

Doctors must recognise the right of the patient to ask questions, and....

Doctors must recognise the right of the patient to ask questions, and to receive a full and honest reply. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Sort out your medicine cabinet and ta... read more